Big Game Adventures – Part II

After 4 incredible days of Wingshooting, the Kings, along with two huge friends of them, Toddy and Robby, decided to start a long trip leading to La Pampa, looking for Red Stag, Buffalos, antelopes, or whatever crosses before their bows and arrows.


… After 20 days after or so, I decided to watch the video on my laptop and now I remember to had done that over and over again, little by little, cm by cm, trying to see how much did the animal moved that second that took the arrow to hit him. I was so surprised to see that the shot could have been perfect; half height from the back, but the stag, on that second, without being able to know or even see what was happening, had crouched down 30 or 40 cm before start running away.

After following some traces like blood on the ground, broken branches, and even foot prints, we heard on Franco’s radio that Royce had caught another stag with bow and arrow, but that sadly, it had run away too. Clearly, the plans for that afternoon were to go out and try to find those rebel and injured stags, and so we did.


Right after taking a nap for some energy recover, we left the lodge looking for that huge stag. This time, Robby, who had already hunted and antelope and a stag, decided to help and so he came with us too. We, the four of us, walked on horizontal line, separated 25 mts one another, but after a long period of time, nothing seemed to be giving us tips of where our target was. We kept looking for a little while and, when we thought that entire walk was worthless, I heard the sound of the horns hitting the branches just 40 mt away and in front of me.

With my heart beating faster and faster I shouted to Franco: “Right there, Franquito! It’s running towards you! The second one! ” the two male stags were running together, but I noticed that the one that was running behind, had the arrow still!


At that very moment, as Franco saw them running to the north, he started running too! He stopped at certain distance, tried to place the gun, and made the first shot but nothing happened. Then, he decided to run for another 30 mt but this time with the gun on his hands ready to shoot. He stops, places himself and, after not many seconds, I hear 2 shots while I was watching the stags running downhill, so I went where Franco was and asked him what happened. He told me that the second was a nice shot but that he didn’t know where the shot did hit the stag.

We waited for Robby and Jake to get closer to where we were and, after telling them what happened, we continued up with the searching. We thought that, after this, we would be lucky, but after looking for this animal even with a flashlight, we all agreed that it was time for us to go back to the lodge to meet the rest of the group and grab a beer and eat a tasty appetizer.


Once we got to the lodge, Royce told us that he, like us, didn’t have any luck at all with his stag and that Tim saw a couple of buffalos but that they couldn’t get close enough, same as Todd and his stag.

The third day, Jake and Royce searched for them stag separately, but of course, each one was accompanied by his guide. The same morning, Tim did an incredible shot; after following his buffalo for a long time, he managed to be at an interesting distance, close enough to make that shot happen.

Unfortunately, the first shot goes just wide and fails to hit the animal, but scared him for sure.

The animal turned and started running away but, at the same time, another male buffalo came and was trying to fight Tim’s stag, so this one stopped and started to fight!

You should never give Tim a second chance. He was surprised of what he was watching, but he was convinced that I was his animal, so he quickly took another arrow, tensed his bow, held his breathe, pointed his victim and let the arrow hit it.


As he expected to be, it was a perfect shot; the arrow hit the animal right in the middle of his chest, knocking him down immediately. So that was how Tim, with a smile as big as his pride, got closer to his new hunted beast.

On the afternoon of that same day, Tim went with Jake to keep on with the stag searching, while I decided to stay at the lodge and enjoy Robby’s company.

Todd, in the other hand, had the chance to shoot a stag but he couldn’t hit him.

That same night, while we were all having dinner, Nico told us that, in general, summer heat makes the searching easier because birds start flying around the dead animal, but in winter whis hardly happens so that could be the reason why we were not founding it.

After an incredible dinner, we went to the living room and, from drink to drink, Jake was encouraged to try our traditional “fernet con coca” made from Fernet Branca and the one and only Coca-Cola. Of course, at the beginning he felt it a little bit to sour, but at the end, I remember he said “While you drink it, you get used to the flavor! Actually, I think I like it very much!”, and that was how, after uncountable moments of laugher and many drinks, was time for us to go to get some rest. I still remember that night! So fun!


Finally, we made it to the last day and it was time to make some decisions; shall we keep looking for the stags or shall we go for new victims? After a long shat with Nico, we decided to let them behind and go for new adventures! But, we said that if on the next day someone sees the injured animals, there was one more option; to send them to the US with the European method of European taxidermy.

So there they were; Todd and Royce, a gun each, looking for stags while Jake was going for a fallow deer with his bow and arrow. Robby, in the other hand, stayed at the lodge enjoying everything at that beautiful and cozy place, and I did that too, I stayed at the lodge waiting for the guys to call me so I can pick them up and see what they have hunted!

And there they were! As soon as I sat down on the couch, Nicolas came and said to me and Robby “I’ve been just notified that Royce hit a huge one!” so we woke up and run directly to the truck.


Then, while I was taking a photo of Royce, we all heard a strong shot from far away. I thought “is it Todd?” I placed my camera again to take the picture and BANG! Another shot! We knew it! Everyone was so happy because just after that the guide told us that Todd killed a huge stag! We quickly put Royce’s trophy on the truck and went right away to where Todd was.

Me and the guys carried the stag for 40 mt to the truck and put it inside it with Royce’s one. We drove to the lodge with the guides and when we got there, we relaxed and started drinking and celebrating the trophies!

While everything was laugher, cool drinks and some tasty appetizer, we were told that Jake had caught a fallow deer and that he needed us to come find them.


That night we had dinner, had a great toast celebrating the great hunt and those four amazing days together in La Pampa and, even though we went to bed early because we knew that the next day we would have to wake up early, nobody could take the last moments of happiness together away.

Hope to see you next time!

Juan Aguilo

Host & Media

Pointer Outfitters

Big Game Adventures – Part I

After 4 incredible days of Wingshooting, the Kings, along with two huge friends of them, Toddy and Robby, decided to start a long trip leading to La Pampa, looking for Red Stag, Buffalos, antelopes, or whatever crosses before their bows and arrows.


It was kind of a cloudy and dark day when my phone rang and, after a shy “time to wake up”, I jumped off the bed and took a quick shower. Clean and ready, I took all the necessary stuff that I needed for the field and went direct to the dining room. While I was getting closer, I noticed a shape coming from one of the tables used for breakfast and going back to the kitchen and, after walking a few meters, I opened the door separating the dining room from the reception and gave my good mornings to “Chabo”, who was with a huge smile – something weird on a dark and early Monday morning- and gently waiting for us with an incredible breakfast.

One after the other, the Kings, Robby and Toddy were all ready to have breakfast.

After this super energetic morning, we said thanks to Chabo and decided to put everything on the trucks; we all knew it was going to be a long but great day of hunting.


After 8 hours of driving and a quick stop on the gas station, we arrived to Ataliva Roca, La Pampa where Nicolas was waiting for us with a bowl of hot soup followed by a plate with stag raviolis, which I think is the best option to reload our energies from the long trip. We accompanied lunch with water and wine, and once we had eaten good and felt good, while Nicolas was organizing the afternoon hunt, we all went to the back of the house so the hunters can do a little practice with target shooting. Something I found funny was that there were two options: the classic circle towards which you shoot, or the favorite of everyone’s: a wild pig made of foam.

<p><img class=” />

The match clock showed 4:15 pm when the entire group finally went out looking for the next big adventure.

They left all together by the main road 700 mts before getting to open field. There, everyone took different ways, each one following their own guide. Everyone were looking for a red stag, except for Tim, who was desperate to take his Water Buffalo home (of course, hunted with bow and arrow).
Even though they dind’t have many hours to hunt, everyone told me that while returning, they saw many animals, but the shots were not clear (remember that, with bow and arrow, the distances are limited).
That night we had stag meat with mashed sweet potato for dinner, always accompanied with the classic homemade wine from Nicolas’ family. Once the dinner was over, everyone went to the living room to relax and finish the day with a glass of whisky or just a beer. Julio and I went to bed earlier than our guests since we were a little bit tired after driving for 8 hours.


The second day was incredible. By the time we got together, we were told that Robby, who that morning decided to go out with a rifle, have already hunted a stag and an antelope. That was, according to what the guide said, an incredible shot, especially the stag’s one, because it was not on an easy position to be hunted. It was difficult for Robby to hide his huge smile while he was telling us about what he did that morning and the adrenaline he felt the moment before pulling the trigger.

That same morning I was with Jake and Franco (Jake’s guide) waiting for a stag to come closer and drink some water. Surprising for us, especially for Franco who was not expecting us to be lucky so fast, two beautiful male stags of about 13 or 14 inches appeared within 15 minutes. The tension was incredible. It was, for me, a spectacular moment, knowing that even taking a deep noisy breathes would alert them. You could notice the way they were standing, paying attention to any changes in the ambient, to anything they were not used to. That was giving me the felling that they knew we were there but it was difficult for them to see us. I could notice that Jake had chosen the big one (both of them were a pair of amazing stags) because he could have shooted the smaller one twice, but he didn’t want to. It is said that Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, and so was the stag, because after 15 tens but nice minutes, the huge stag that Jake had between his eyes, was exposed, giving Jake one last chance to shot, because as we all know, it’s almost impossible to have a second chance with bow and arrow.


Suddenly, with our eyes on the stag, I heard the pulley’s sound stretching to the maximum. I thought to myself “I know our stag can hear that too, but since he can´t see us, he´s standing still, but paying a bit more of attention”. Finally, Jake lets his arrow go. Quickly and before the arrow gets to the target, the two male stags and the group of females that were coming and going, started to move, but before the biggest stag started moving, I could see with the sensor on my camera how the arrow hits it on the top of his body. Franco told us that it is not the best spot to hit it because there are no organs and it´s impossible that he bleed as much as we need to kill him, but there is always the possibility of an infection. Franco also suggested that we wait 20 minutes to go and get it, and so we did…

To be continued…
Juan Aguiló
Host & Media
Pointer Outfitters


Hunting with Tim King

I just got back this weekend from an incredible 9 day adventure in Argentina that started with 3 days of dove hunting in Córdoba and then heading to La Pampa to hunt with Catena Safaris.


I was after water buffalo, a long time dream of mine. I have worn out most anybody here on TG that had experience with buffalo, because I was concerned about arrow failure. I have gotten excellent advice from 1/2 dozen guys, but perhaps the best was from Andy Ivy who said basically, enough is enough, practice,and go do it!

But after several unsuccessful stalks, I finally got a hurried 22 yard shot on the largest bull of a 29 member herd….and missed!!
I was 4″ under his chest, a shot that I have nailed thousands of times in the past year leading up to the hunt.
He was in the rear of the herd as they all spooked and started to disappear once again.
For some crazy reason(I think it was a God thing) the bull directly in front of him wheeled around and started head butting my bull, giving me just enough time to make the shot, this time exactly where I was imagining it going. 
My arrow buried to the cresting, angling forward right behind his elbow with a cutting sound I hope I will never forget.
He ran with the rest of the group never changing pace, except for an occasional sparring with the other bull. At about 100 yards he collapsed, literally dead on his feet! He had not lasted 3 minutes tops.
It was estimated to weight 1800-2000 pounds.

My arrow had about 18″ penetration, and had cut through 3/8″ hide, rib, and right through his heart.


I was very pleased with my setup, a #69.5 Bob Lee Ultimate recurve, a SBD string, and FMJ DG 300 shafts, with 300 gr Tuffheads on the front. I JB Welded the setup together with Traditional Archery Solutions stainless steel 200 gr inserts, with Bigfoot double footing system for a total of 1000 grains. This was almost the exact set up that Hybrid Bowhunter had recommended.
Not only did the shaft not fail, the arrow only has a slight bend from when he fell.


The cherry on top was getting to be in the blind 2 days later with my son Jake when he shot a very nice Fallow with his ASL, a Miller Old Tom.
My other son Royce set aside his Robertson recurve and shot a very nice stag at dusk of the last day with his guides rifle when it looked like the clock was going to run out on us.

Again, can’t thank all the guys here that gave me such solid advice. I was almost obsessing about getting the right setup, but I think it was worth it!

Tim King


Special weekends at Cordoba

Artisan Flea Market (Barrio Güemes)


Ten blocks away from Córdoba urban historical shell, we got deep into the renowned Bohemian neighborhood called Güemes to visit the artisan flee market “Paseo de las Artes”. This area is today a meeting place and a hot touristic spot that grows constantly. Every day new restaurants and bars open their doors to the crowd that visits the crafts market on weekends.flea 2

End the day at “El Mercado Central”. A fantastic space that awake all the senses, this restaurant is one of the last big news about the local cuisine. This is an outstanding entrepreneurship mounted in a completely renovated warehouse located in the renowned Barrio Güemes, and endowed with great design and lovely setting space.

mercado centralmercado central 2

Finally If you want a little bit more of fun …just cross the street and you will enjoy one of the most popular Tango Shows in town at “El Arrabal”. This is a traditional restaurant which becomes bar at night. It is one of the old-styles restaurants in Cordoba. At 6 pm they organize tango lessons and from Thursdays to Saturdays at 11 pm tango shows are held. It also hosts excellent milonga, salsa and folklore shows.

el arrabal

111 Hotel

If you have not yet decided where to stay, 111 Hotel is strategically located in the traditional corner of Hipólito Yrigoyen avenue and Montevideo street in Nueva Córdoba slider2-escalera-barneighborhood, within the so-called “Media Legua de Oro” (golden half a league). The hotel stands on the epicenter of the cultural, social, gastronomic and tourist activity, and only a couple of meters away from the economic, financial, commercial city center, and the artisan market also.
Yrigoyen 111 Hotel was built from one of Nueva Córdoba’s traditional old mansions from the year 1900. Its facade and interiors were restored by specialists so as to preserve the cultural heritage of the city.
It is a modern urban executive hotel, with a unique modern elegant and restrained style.

Yrigoyen 111 Hotel has 78 rooms, an Events and Convention Center, and a recreational area, all distributed in its 15 stories. Each story has carpeted hallways creatively decorated with giant pictures of the city of Córdoba and with design details that provide a unique modern and comfortable style.A full breakfast buffet is served on the first floor.
Our 1906 Lounge Bar is the perfect space to relax while enjoying our delicious cocktails and our delightful coffee bar. All guests can enjoy our fitness center and swimming pool located on our rooftop terrace with exceptional views of the city.


You should be the next one!

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters

Chasing antelope for two days


I’ve been planning a Blackbuck Antelope hunting in Argentina for a couple of months with J, the person who is in charge of everything related to media and pictures. We decided to visit San Luis Lodge, so we talked to Fernando Delpino to set up and organize all the details for this hunt.

By late September mid October, we started our hunting trip on a Wednesday after a quick lunch at 2 pm, estimating that we would arrive at 8 pm to the lodge. The distance is 400 miles and J and I drove all of it in a smooth Toyota Hilux.

Speaking of, the Toyota Hilux (also stylized as HiLux and historically as Hi-Lux) is a series of utility vehicles produced and marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Most countries used the Hilux name for the entire life of the series but in North America, the Hilux name was retired in 1976 in favor of Truck, Pickup Truck, or Compact Truck. In North America the popular option package, the SR5 (Sport Rally 5-Speed), was colloquially used as a model name for the truck, even though the option package was also used on other Toyota models like the Corolla. In 1984, the Toyota Trekker, the camper version of the Hilux, was renamed as the4Runner in Australia and North America, and as the Hilux Surf in Japan. In 1995, Toyota introduced a new pickup model, theTacoma in North America, discontinuing the Hilux/Pickup there. The 4Runner is now a full SUV, and the more recent models do not resemble the Tacoma.


We made the drive with only one stop to get some snacks and soda to make the driving more comfortable. After 6 hours of driving, we met Fernando at Buena Esperanza, a small town located 30 miles away from the ranch in San Luis province.

San Luis Lodge is a private place of about 40.000 acres and has two different areas for hunting; one it’s the fenced area, has 10.000 acres, and the pre range more than 20.000 acres.

For this hunt, and since we had short time, we decided to hunt in the fenced area at San Luis Lodge. We arrived late in the evening and after having a beer, Rosa, the chef, was waiting for us with great meat and potatoes and salad, so we shared together with Fernando and J a nice meal with an amazing Malbec from the Luigi Bosca winery.


The program for the next morning was to wake up really early like at 6 am, leave the lodge at 7 am, and decide about the area where we were going to hunt because it would be depending on the wind of that morning, so we had 3 different options.

We made an interesting approach to a knoll in which we were 250 yards away from some male and female animals. At that moment, the day was very windy, so we thought it would not be a good idea to shoot from that far away so we had to go to the next knoll and try to shoot from there.We started moving with our bodies on the ground and our rifle tied on our backs, trying not to make any noise. We had the wind against us, something that, even though it sounds crazy, it’s on our side.

We were doing the last approach, heading to the next knoll and, for some reason, color or sound, one of the female put her head up and automatically everyone did and looked to our direction. That was five minitues of no moving, waiting and praying for them not to leave.


It was nice to feel the wind and feel the animals knowing about us as well. After all this holding on, one of the female started moving, and then another one, and another one and so 3 minutes later they were all moving slowly. Without talking to Fernando or J, I think we all knew that approach was done and maybe for that morning, that would be enough, so we would have to think about going back to the lodge for lunch.

The lodge has been remodeled and looks amazing and new. The beds are the best king size that you can find at any lodge. The remodeling is easy to appreciate in the pictures; this English-styled house, with brand new furniture has been done in 2014 and 2015.

We had a great night but the next morning, when we heard the alarm clock, it seemed like bed time never happened since we were really tired.The morning started really windy which is not very common, and the sky was kind of cloudy. Five minutes after breakfast we were driving to the field. The distance to get to the field (in minutes) was not more than 20 or even 15 minutes.

The scene in this area of San Luis is very special. It is in the border line in between where the agriculture and the forest changes, so we saw some areas with corn and some other with just forest or natural grass. So we crossed a couple of crop fields, we drove inside the forest and the farming land and then we arrived to this big fenced gate which showed us that we were getting into the fenced area.

IMG_GR_testimonials1457562668We started walking at 7.30 am, following Fernando. It was not a very cold of a morning; it was a little chilly, not too bad. We walked for like two hours until we finally found a couple of Antelopes. At first we saw a couple of females. The area in which we were walking was mostly open with some bushed areas separated one another and the land was with hills, so we were going up and down in between the forest and bushes areas using this places in order to hide from the animals.

In some parts of the field there was something like sandy areas and water holes that we have visited when we were chasing animals because we saw some foot prints so we knew that animals were close.

At 10 am, we saw some Blackbucks in a “meseta”, an open area. This animals love to be in those types of areas. It was not easy for us to get closer to them because there were no much cover for us to hide behind, but we were able to walk a hundred meters and then we had to go on our knees and start moving with our bodies to the ground, trying to get closer to the next knoll where we would shoot from 200 yards away.


Now, let me tell you about this particular animal. Blackbucks were introduced to Argentina and the USA. These populations numbered about 43,600 individuals at the turn of the century. Blackbucks generally live on open plains and open woodlands in herds of five to 50 animals with one dominant male. They are very fast. Speeds of more than 80 km/h (50 mph) have been recorded. They are primarily grazers and avoid forested areas. They require water every day and may move long distances in search of water and forage in summer. Usually, they feed during the day. Their diet consists mostly of grasses. The Indian Blackbuck is considered to be the second fastest in the world next to the Cheetah. The blackbuck is also found in Western Nepal where there are 176 animals in 1991. There were more than 20,000 on record in Texas ranches, in 1988. On the Pampas on northwestern and central Argentina, more than 10,000 animals were available in the 80’s.

IMG_GR_testimonials1457563518 (1)

Blackbuck is a a medium size antelope, which is sexually dimorphic. The males at birth are brown without horns. However, with secretion of sexual hormone, males develop a pair of corkscrew horns and their body color changes to elegant black. The normal lifespan of a Blackbuck is about 12 to 15 years. The average weight of an adult male is 75-110 pounds with horns averaging a length of 14-18 inches. The blackbuck also has unique white rings around its eyes.Antelopes are animals brought from India perfectly adapted to the large areas of our country. They move in herds and their main defense is their eyesight and also, their escape velocity. Males develop antlers spiral that can reach 60 centimeters. Their weight can reach 50 kilograms and are black on its back and white on his abdomen. Females are born brown and in maturity are light brown. It is a hunt that requires a delicate approach and a shot from at least 150 meters away.

After all the chasing, it was an incredible experience that I would like to have again soon.

Pablo Aguilo.


A Big Game adventure with two amazing friends

IMG_GR_testimonials1457527325This story started in between Connecticut and New York. We were in a hunting club with my dear friend Bob Serrano talking about his next trip to Argentina. Bob has come to Argentina more than probably 8 or 10 times in the last 15 years but I met him 9 years ago. We normally hunt doves with him; we have been hunting mostly in the northern area of Córdoba, in the flat lands of northern La Dormida.

Bob is a really good hunter and he enjoys a lot shooting the challenging birds, so the last time, when we were in Connecticut at this hunting camp, what we were doing was a competition of rifle shooting, pistol shooting, and some other things like canoeing, but I had to excuse myself because I knew I was going to end up inside the river.


So, when we were at that camp, we talked about doing some Big Hunt in Argentina. Bob is one of the most experienced persons I have ever met when it comes toshooting with bow and arrow. He has been in Africa several times, I don’t know exactly the number (I am not a numbers person) but I remember I saw his videos, and one time I saw a very special one hunting an elephant with a bow and arrow, which really surprised and impacted me as it is a great story.

When I stayed at his house, he managed to make room for me on his men room with most of his mounted animals and I must admit it was very impressive too see all those animals, and being part of all that history surrounded by a piece of each one of his hunting.

So I talked to Bob and told him about the different options we have at Pointer for Big Hunting in Patagonia, San Luis, La Pampa and Córdoba. We went through different possibilities and so he decided he wanted to do Water Buffalo hunting as a challenge shooting it with bow and arrow.


We also decided to do it in a very challenging place like Rincon Lodge; the challenge was that, at this particular Lodge, there are no brushy areas needed for that kind of hunting so we knew we would just have some huge rocks to hide behind them.

After all that conversation, we started chatting by email, with all the information coming and going, until we could finally set up dates  and, at the end, we decided we would do some combination of Dove Hunting and Big Game Hunting.

The good thing about hunting in Rincon Lodge is that it is only three hours away from our dove hunting lodges, one of the main reasons that made us choose this place, and also because of the challenge of being horse riding in the high mountains of Córdoba, looking for the best buffalo.

Ever since that day, we agreed I would join him and one of our main guides, Juan Aguiló, would do that too, in order to take some pictures.

After six months of planning, we met at the airport in Córdoba. We drove him and three more people for dove hunt at La Loma Lodge. Bob came with Eddie, Richard and another Bob: Bob Young. We had a great time hunting together a lot of birds in the hills of Córdoba, smoking a lot of shells until four days after we were ready to go hunting to Rincon.


In the mid time, before he come hunting with us, we found out Bob Young wanted to get his very first Red Stag. He is on his mid fifties and he had never hunted abroad America and he wanted to do his first with us here in Argentina, so we were very pleased to take the two Bobs for Big Game hunting at Rincon.

We arrived in the late evening, ready to have some appetizers, drinks, and to stay at the fire place at the lodge, expecting to have a really nice and relaxing evening.

The next day, I remember waking up in a beautiful sunny morning that had almost no wind at all and was a bit cold. It was amazing to walk outside, get close to the horses and feel their breath and their worm bodies even though the weather was mostly cold. I cannot express how nice was that feeling, knowing that I was about to go horse ridingwith my dear friend Bob Serrano and our guest Bob Young in such a paradise as Rincon is.

It was a good day. At the beginning we approached to some animals but the buffalos were not in range for the bow and arrow hunting. At the same time, we were looking for animals for Bob Young. He wanted a good Red Stag and asked if he could do it with bow and arrow but if not, he would be very happy to do it with his rifle.


After all morning long, and also afternoon long of horse riding and stalking for red stag, we finally saw a great trophy on the second day, so we left our horses and started walking probably for no more than 200 m. in one hour. It was really important to be patience and to have a good vision of the Stag, just to make the best shot.

IMG_GR_testimonials1457528628The adrenaline of that moment was amazing; I was holding the camera and Bob lay down over this rock and he put his rifle over the top of one of his backpack and our guide Santiago was telling him to hold on. Everything was so smooth and quiet, he was whispering every single word, until bob said “I think I got it, I really do” so Santiago said “yes, you got it, shoot!” and as soon as Santiago said that, we heard right away the strong sound of his rifle, and the Red Stag made a little jump almost behind a rock and he would have disappeared in less than a minute so Santiago hurried up and reloaded Bob’s rifle for a second shot and in less than ten seconds they were ready to pull the trigger again so we heard another loud noise which was this second shot going straight to the point and we saw the animal falling down. The excitement Bob had at that time was just unbelievable. 


The feeling after that awesome shot, the feeling of looking at Bob’s eyes, looking at his excitement, was totally amazing. Santiago, Bob and I, the three of us hugged, jumped in the air and were really happy. We knew that we would have to walk to the animal, take some pictures, make some videos and wait for the guides to come and take the animal back.

For that day, it was it. It was a great day with a story to remember forever and I am looking forward to do it again.

IMG_GR_testimonials1457530589Regarding Bob Serrano, that day he was with Juan and his guide. At the evening he got his dreamed Water Buffalo, which was not a surprise for me because, as I mentioned before, he is one of the best hunters I have ever met. He was very happy since he finally got another desired trophy that I assume is hanging on his walls, in the same room I spent my first night when I visited him a couple of years ago.

I am looking forward for my next meeting with the two Bobs in Connecticut, for some more beers, camaraderie and great fun.

Pablo Aguilo.

Mixed bag and Red Stag hunt

We had met Don Chapman at the SCI show in Las Vegas, and it was great; in a couple of minutes he said he would like to do a combination of mixed bag hunting and Red Stag. He was alone in Vegas but he promise to come with his wife Judy, and both of them join us 90 days later!


In the same trip, another couple that we had met at SCI in Las Vegas, Bernie and Diane Rabbito, had book exactly the same dates, so both couples met in Cordoba City to go to Rincon Lodge for 4 days big game hunting.

The Rincon Lodge is situated in the valley of Calamuchita, 88 miles far from Córdoba International Airport. It is a 3hour drive from the airport. The last 20 minutes is upwards in the mountains and 4×4 wheels vehicles are needed.


There are direct daily flights from many U.S. cities to Santiago de Chile airport in Chile or Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with connecting flights to Cordoba city. You will also find flight connections to Cordoba through Panama with COPA Airlines or through Lima with LAN; but their schedules are not quite comfortable. The connecting flight through Santiago or Buenos Aires will allow you to be shooting at midday on your arrival day. This option offers the best logistics for your trip.

Argentina is known for its remoteness and abundance of red stag, blackbuck and water buffalo. Other species: Water Buffalo, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Multi-horn sheep, Scottish Blackface sheep, Mouflon sheep, wild Pampa Mouflon, Texas Dall Ram, Wild boar.


Red stag hunt takes place during the peak roar. Accommodations are an amazing traditional Argentine Estancia with private rooms and bath.

With this group we had made a mistake on logistics, because we found out with this first experience that the drive from Rincon lodge to San Javier is a little too long. It is ok for us, because we are used, but we find out that for our guest it will be better to get a small private plane or take a day and connect with commercial flights.

Besides, that issue, we found out, that the combination was amazing, and both, Rabbito and Chapman had hunted their Red Stag and also had a great duck hunt in San Javier. We had hunted ducks, doves and perdiz, and we had a wonderful time!


Federico was the head guide with this group and have done an excellent job, al critiques were wonderful, and we have been able to make our friends had a great time. Judy forgot his mobile phone at Rincon Lodge, and thanks to Wes Wallace and his group, we were able to send it back to her with this other group that have been in La Loma Lodge hunting big volume doves.

Bernie and Diane did great for their ages, they have stalked as good as we do and they have had a great attitude all the time. Don, Bernie, Judy and Diane, thanks a lot for your last visit.


We think you should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Wingshooting



Doves and Red Stag


We have been hunting together with Bob Serrano a couple of times in the last ten years, but this last hunting trip was different. Probably, it was the best trip ever and we find out that we should repeat this program more often, and also promote it to some of our friends, because it was outstanding! We hope you will enjoy this report as much as we had enjoyed the hunt!

This last hunting trip was different, because we had decided 3 days of high volume doves and 4 days of Red stag hunting. The idea was to make a combination between the luxurious and historical La Loma Lodge and the amazing Rincon Lodge in the highlands of Cordoba.



This time the wolf pack was five hunters total. They are good friends of us from a hunting club in NY estate, and we had enjoyed some outing together in the past. They had made their connection to Cordoba through Panama and they have arrived early in the morning the 11th June. Martin picked them up at the airport and took them to La Loma Lodge for 3 intense and amazing days of dove hunting.

They had packed ….. before coming. So they were ready to go at 8am that morning. We had taken someBenellis montefeltro 20 gauge semiauthomatics and Berettas silver pigeon 20 gauge over and under. For the dove hunt we used ammunition 7 and 8.

The dove hunt was as good as ever, so we were able to smoke millions of shells and hang out and make jokes in the field. Rick and Ed were the spirit of the team, their attitude is amazing! They enjoy life and treat people like kings, so everybody in the field was having a paradisiacal time. Every hunter got a bag over a thousand birds most of the times. This last 3 days we hunted in the flat lands, close by to the hills, just before the migration. David was on fire, he had shoot the biggest volume of shells and doves.


So, after the 3 days of high volume dove hunting and smoking some cigars at the lodge every evening, it was time for the big game. Part of the group came back to US and Bob and Robert came with me and Juan to Rincon. Rodrigo, Oscar and Santi were waiting for us at the lodge. It took us 3 ours to drive from the north hills of Cordoba to the south highlands for Red Stag.

After working in our guest bow and rifles, we had got our horses for the first ride that afternoon. Bob Serrano was planning to hunt a Water Buffalo and Bob Young was planning to hunt a Red Stag in between 320SCI to 360SCI points. Bob Y also had in his plans to get an antelope with his bow, if he would be able to get on a good range.

Santiago guided Bob Young and me, and we have been horse riding for a couple of hours till we found a couple of nice bucks. We had stalk to them carefully behind rocks but it was too windy and we couldn’t make it close enough. They heared a noise or smell us and run away. Adrenaline was already running in our bodies. That first day we were no able to shoot despite having seen a nice antelope that could be a great option for the bow hunt; if the wind wouldn’t be so strong.


Bob Serrano had been chasing a water buffalo for 2 days and a half and he finally had a nice option to hunt it with his bow, and caught a nice one. Bob Young and myself had one great chance after stalking for like an hour, and we have found a nice bulk, the best one so far, that had a 17 points and we had estimated that could be a 340 to 350SSCI points. The bulk was 140 yards from us, but in a very good position, a little under us in the valley. Bob had made a first shoot that hit the buck under the belly and some seconds after, before the animal had the chance to think about running away he hit him with a perfect shoot over the first leg that go through and out from his neck. The bulk fall down immediately, and we all get excited.

It was a great hunt, is was a great trip, and very important, it was a hunt with great friends. Next year we will go with Ed and Rick and get some nice bucks!

We hope you should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Wingshooting



Pablo, Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time last week and was very impressed with the lodging,  all the staff, unbelievable meals and shooting opportunities.  Thanks for putting on a great hunting experience.  Thanks again.

David Behler

Great all around experience. The staff makes sure all of your needs are more than take care of!! If you want to have the Argentina dove hunt… this is it!! High praise from this corner.

Richard R.S. Smith, Greenwich Ct., USA

Thank you for an outstanding experience in Argentina bird hunting. The birds were fantastic! Your staff was better! The accommodation at La Loma were perfect!

Muchas Gracias!

Warmest regards,Robert.

I have been on a number of doce hunting trips and Pointer Wingshooting is by far the best operation. Great food, excellent field and home staff, and birds by the ……… The only place to go in Argentina.

Bob S.

Our trip was second to none. 1º rate lodging, meals, personal and shooting. The entire staff does out of their way to make sure your stay is comfortable and welcome. I applaud Pablo for offering such wonderful staff and tremendous facilities.

Dave Behler.

The experience at La Loma Lodge is world class from the minute you land at Cordoba airport, until the day you leave, you feel as they. You are with the best outfitter in the business. People make the experience, and the staff at wingshooting is the best in the business. I look forward to many more trips to Argentina with Pointer Wingshooting family.

Sincerely, Ed Massaro.